Incredibly Fast Healthy Meals Kids Love

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Incredibly fast healthy meals can become an easy habit in your home and a life saver to parenting healthy kids and warding off most illnesses.


One of our children’s favorite meals in the morning is doctored up oatmeal with slivers of almonds, dried cranberries or raisins, chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax meal. THIS IS CALLED GORILLALICIOUS GILBURN GROOL. 🙂


Add a small amount of raw honey or maple syrup drizzled over the top and a few blueberries or strawberries cut up in a decorative fashion and smiles will decorate the sleepy but happy breakfast table. Not only that your kids will not get hungry until lunchtime.

The above mentioned seeds and flax meal are usually about one teaspoon in each of their bowls and dried fruit to suit their likes or dislikes.


Another weekend favorite when early schooldays are out of session, includes pancakes and fruit or fruit spread homemade of course, or eggs made to order with preservative free bacon and homemade sourdough bread with organic butter or coconut oil/spread with jam.


No high fructose corn syrup in it of course. Slice up some fruit such as pineapple, apples, strawberries or ripe mango and they are in heaven.


Grilled paninis with organic ham or turkey, whatever cheese they like preferably not processed and raw or organic, heat them up in a pan with a bit of mild mustard or organic mayonnaise or just plain. An instant hit along with some sliced fruit and nuts if not allergic.


It only takes about 5-10 nuts to be a serving such as almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, or a combination of whatever they prefer. I usually add a small hand full of salad greens without dressing and when you start them out early, they will eat it up just plain like that. My kids also like grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or whatever nut butter is tolerated or you can use sunflower butter organic or not. Just know that the sunflower butter that isn’t organic is generally heavy on the pesticide residue side of things.


The idea is limiting processed food, prepackaged food and pre-prepared food as much as possible. Eat organic and non GMO ( genetically modified) as much as possible. Cook at home whenever possible. Use fresh fruits and vegetables and ingredients whenever possible. Limit or eliminate processed sugar whenever possible including sugary drinks of all kinds unless an occasional treat only.



Fresh mixed greens with sliced up colorful veggies. My kids will eat this without salad dressing, but a drizzle of basalmic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil also is something they are used to. You have to start early but not too early with anything tangy like vinegar. When my kids were under 4-5 I didn’t offer vinegar for salad greens but after that age most of my 5 kids will eat greens with vinegar and olive oil. It also helps if you add a few dried cranberries or other dried fruit to the salad as long as it preferably doesn’t have sulfur dioxide in it as a preservative. It’s not good for anyone over the long term.

Pasta with peas is a quick meal providing a complete protein with a little salt and pepper and a bit of organic butter or coconut oil.











Between meal snacks

apples, bananas, easy peel oranges like halos etc., hand full of nuts or a fruit smoothie. I don’t recommend using fruit with milk in the vita mix or blender just water.


Get excited about your choice to incorporate these new habits at home for you and your children. These habits will pay off now and in your future for your whole family.

Hope today’s post has been helpful and keeps your munchkins happy interested and healthy. Please leave comments and ideas below, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook, twitter and google plus. Thank you so much.


Dr. Leigh Gilburn




April 9, 2018

4 thoughts on “Incredibly Fast Healthy Meals Kids Love

  • You’ve got some really great ideas for kids meals here. I love the name of the breakfast – the Gorillalicious Gilburn Grool. I’m sure with that name all kids would be keen to eat that! Why would you not use milk with fruit in the blender? Is this just because it is too much milk for them?

    • yes they love the name as well!:) As far as milk and fruit in blender- it can upset stomachs while others tolerate it well. For me as a healthcare person, dairy is not an essential food – it has been marketed as an essential food forever . We as a family try to support production of food that doesn’t involve abuse of animals and practices that treat animals unnaturally. Watch the documentary “milk” and you will hopefully understand what I am referring to. It’s an important concept to teach children as we impart upon them where their food comes from and how animals are mistreated in order to mass produce things the food industry puts on the grocery shelves to sell to unassuming consumers. 

  • Thanks for your article. You have a lot of good information to share. I am having an issue with my grand kids, I try to get them to eat healthy, but their mom and dad are less concerned about their diet than I am. Now that they are older (pre and early teens), it’s getting even harder to get them eating healthy. I know that I can’t force them to eat healthy all the time, but I would like to get them eating better at least when they are with me. Any advice?

    • I do seem to play a little hard ball with my kids but that way I’ve trained them a bit early so it’s easier with them now. If other influences are at play allowing them to eat fast food and junk food, it is an uphill battle. You can only try to share information about where their food comes from, how animals are treated before they go to market, and what the food industry does to the food, what frankenfoods are ( that one is very scary) – which are foods that look like something you recognize but in reality they are a combination of protein mixed with artificial / chemical flavors and dyes with preservatives mixed in. Teenagers often appear to ignore what we say, but they will retain most of it, and when least expected they will often incorporate some of that good advice along the way. So keep educating them, putting in front of them good choices, Refuse to take them to bad places to eat. That may create some conflict but be proud of your desire to do the best by them. Later they will appreciate it. You can hope that they will. We have a narrow window to instill these all important nutritional messages into them, the earlier the better. So good luck, It’s not easy when you are on the sidelines. However you are in fact there and have an influence. That is the good new. 

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