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There aren’t many things more enjoyable to write about than the toys that have given my children hours and hours of fun and imaginative play. I thought I’d write a post about something a bit childish given it is almost Christmas. I have had so much fun and continue to have joy playing with toys that have allowed us all to be building things together in cooperative play over the last 12 years. The 5 toys mentioned below are our favorites for sure. We have been traveling abroad for the last 3 months and the only things we packed for the trip for the kids to play with include 2 gallon bags of magformers, play silks for our 4,5,7 year old munchkins, and the domino set. Connectagons stayed home with my mom but they have many hours on them and they still look brand new. These are quality toys and they last because of it. You will be able to pass these down to all of your kids and then your grand kids and their children. Let them have a few special creative kids toys to keep them well engaged.

Magformers, An All Around Winner For All Ages

If your kids haven’t had a chance to play with Magformers yet, you have an opportunity to get them some and see their imaginations go wild. Magformers are magnetic shaped plastic pieces that allow all kinds of things to be built. Children are only limited by their imagination playing with these magnetic wonders.

Playing with different shapes encourages critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and it gets children thinking scientifically and mathematically all while exploring their creative side. My kids often build things like high rise buildings, cars – as some sets come with wheels that roll inside a square magnetic piece, and space ships, then they put other little toys inside for more imaginative play. They come to me and say, see what I built this time! Cool huh?!  They are a hit and one of the most durable toys I have ever purchased giving our children plenty to do for hours, including my 10 and 12 year old sons. Imagine having a toy that allows you to build a castle that stays together by magnets and doesn’t fall apart as easily as when using blocks. The magnets are quality and last many, many years. We have had our magformers for over 10 years and they are still as strong as when new out of the boxes. It is hard to find a toy that can be enjoyed by kids from ages 2 to teenagers. You can lay out a pattern on the floor or table then slowly pick it up and the project at hand takes shape and you finally get to see what it is that they have been building in 2D only now it is 3D. It is very satisfying to see this feature in a toy. Some of them light up and are movable by remote control now. Magformers are also easy to keep track of as they all stick together unlike most toys with many parts that can get separated and lost. A plus with me as a parent for sure.

See a great video of the ultimate set of magformers below :0)


Play Silks For Soaring Imaginations

These colorful silks keep my 4, 5 and 7 year old kids busy playing and acting like they are super hero’s, fairies or Robin Hood with a cape, or they wrap them around their heads in so many ways looking like little actors and actresses.
They are soft, thin and almost float they are so light. This fascinates the kids if they are in preschool.

Shop Amazon for your play silks here.



HABA Domino Race Set, A Winner For Rolling Landscapes MADE IN GERMANY

We got our 5 year old a set of these a few years ago and they lasted well through several more children and then we gifted our first set to a needy family and got another set later with some rolling balls in the set, bells that would ring when the ball would hit it and ramps, almost like a marble run. Marble runs are also a major WIN-WIN toy. See below for that one.


Shop Amazon for your HABA Domino Set here.



Connectagons For The Architect In Your Children

These are plastic colorful pieces that fit together with slots to form all kinds of different shapes and can go on forever depending on how many sets you have. Some have designs on them, some sets are hexagons, others are butterflies or shapes that glow in the dark.  All of the shapes are favorites with kids of many ages.

Shop Amazon for your set of Connectagons here.


MARBLE RUNS – My Favorite are The Quadrilla Wooden Sets – This One is my favorite And My Kids Say It’s Really My Marble Run! :):)

My kids love marble runs especially the quadrilla sets. What they liked about the Quadrilla sets was how many different ways they could build a marble run and some of the pieces allowed for customization of where the marble goes. It is very sturdy and well made making it last through many childrens use. These sets are colorful and smooth and offer “mezmerizing fun”.

Shop for your Quadrilla marble set at Amazon here.

Let this Holiday Season bring your kids more with less by deciding on quality toys that stimulate their imagination, keep their interest for hours, and allow them to use their creativity, critical thinking and engage in cooperative play with one another.








Leigh Gilburn D.O.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours

Please leave any comments about your children’s new toys below. Please Share! 🙂





December 21, 2017

2 thoughts on “Creative Kids Toys

  • I’m upset I didn’t get to play with toys like these when I was a kid! Even though I played with Thomas the train and action figures, these innovative toys seem promising for the new generation. My cousins, 9 and 10 years old, love tinkering with my toys, so I might get them these toys for Christmas. Thank you for sharing these toys!

    • These toys are the cats meow for sure. They make me a kid again for sure.  I love playing with my kids toys along side them all. Thank you for appreciating them and when you get your kids one or more of them, please come back and comment about their experience! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂

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