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Distilled water is the healthiest water you can drink. We get our minerals from food not our water supply – in fact the minerals that are found in public water are making us sick. Heart disease is just one issue that drinking public water contributes to. Cancer Causing substances are also in the Public water supply as by products to prescription medications – please see below. Rain water is distilled and nature knows what’s best, that is before different toxic substances have been found in the air that the rain brings down into you rain barrels with it. What are the solutions to that concern? Either buying your own distilled water in plastic containers that are not BPA Free, or you research and buy the best counter top water distiller that you can buy, keeping in mind value, who offers a glass bottle or BPA free container and how many hours it takes to distill a gallon as well as your budget. Lets first talk in more detail why drinking Distilled water compared to Reverse Osmosis water is a healthier choice. After you learn this information, you likely won’t drink tap water or give it to your children again.

What is in Tap Water after it is treated in most municipalities-


Substances for which there are federal standards

Federal drinking water standards are organized into six groups:

  • Microorganisms
  • Disinfectants
  • Disinfection byproducts
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Organic chemicals
  • Radionuclides


There are standards that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) puts out on things like Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia, Legionella, coliform bacteria and enteric (intestinal)  viruses. They require 2 tests to indicate water quality.


Cryptosporidium is a parasite that has a very protective coat on it making it highly resistant to chemicals added to water such as chlorine. So people do still get sick from it from time to time. Ever wonder where the bacteria from cow manure in the fields ends up? If that manure from infected cows or other animals gets into area rivers or lakes, the illness that can results increases. Most Municipal water treatment plants remove Cryptosporidium oocysts through filtration process. It still is important to remember that more than five outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis in the U.S. have originated from contaminated drinking water. One that was in the papers in 1993 was in Milwaulkee Wisconsin.


The EPA has required standards for amounts of chlorine, chloramines and chlorine dioxide that are in the public water system.

Disinfection by-products

EPA has issued standards for bromate, chlorite, haloacetic acid and trihalomethanes.

You might ask, do any of these byproducts from chlorine mixing with disinfectants in the water supply lead to cancer? The animal studies to date have failed to find that to be true. Walk with caution I say.

Check out the “GreenFacts” website. So far we have weak conclusive data on cancer causing concerns involving chlorine in the drinking water and adverse pregnancy outcomes. You have to always be concerned about something that the mother is drinking or eating or being exposed to that might negatively affect her offspring passing from mom to placenta to baby.

Inorganic chemicals

EPA has issued standards for antimony ( used in flame proofing materials) , arsenic, asbestos, barium,  beryllium, cadmium, chromium, copper, cyanide, fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrate, nitritie, selenium and thallium.

Arsenic- it comes from pollution and gets into the water that way. Arsenic is found in the ground naturally, more so in some states than others. Cancer causation is possible if anyone exceeds 50 PPB (parts per billion) daily throughout your lifetime, which would mean drinking 1/2 gallon of water or about 2 liters of tap water contaminated with arsenic.

Since 2006, public water system managers have had to comply with new EPA standard reducing this level to 10 ppb. But that was 5 years after the EPA made new recommendations to reduce it to that level.

What is quite sobering is that a 2017 Lancet Public Health study found fewer cancer deaths after this reduction was complied with over time.

How much is your risk of certain types of cancer when drinking public water that contains 20 ppb Arsenic in it? Well- men and women who daily consume water with that much in it have about a 0.7% increased risk of developing bladder or lung cancer during their lifetime.

There are maps of the US showing arsenic levels, but in general areas of Southwest states such as Nevada have well water holding 500 ppb Arsenic in them. The upper Midwest and New England have Arsenic infused bedrock that pollutes the aquifers along the coast of Main all the way up to the middle coast of Massachusetts. The central valley of California has elevated Arsenic as well. There are 13 million people estimated to be drinking water from private wells in the US with Arsenic levels above federal standards. What is important to realize is that there are no private well safety standards. Again this is even more dangerous for young children with smaller bodies and higher chances of toxic effects. Consider for a moment what a water distiller could do for the health of your children and family. Reverse osmosis improved public water by a lot yet a distiller is the golden ticket if all the research is studied. It is natures filtration design.


As we all know fluoride is added to most cities public water systems in order to help prevent tooth decay. This claim is questionable at best and I will write about this more in another post, but fluoride can get into the water supply through the ground from rocks and from industrial plants such as those producing aluminum. Fluoride levels in the water supply varies quite a bit depending on where you are. The EPA states a maximum concentration for fluoride in drinking water should be 4 mg (milligrams per liter). This standard dates back to the mid 1980s. This standard put forth by the EPA then has since in 2006 been stated by National Fluoride Committees to not protect against bad health effects.
Just over 200,000 Americans live in communities where fluoride levels in drinking water are 4 mg/L or higher.

Just how many people including children live in places in the US where fluoride levels in the public drinking water are higher than the 4 mg/Liter? About 200,000 is the estimate. Children in those communities

What are the ill effects of too much fluoride in the drinking water in children? Tooth enamel fluorosis is one, a situation where the tooth enamel is lost slowly over time and starts to appear pitted on exam. Bone become weaker increasing the risk of fractures. The above research has made recommendations that the 4 mg /L of fluoride standard needs lowering further.


Several states have more stringent regulations.


See also: Flint Michigan crises

You might wonder how lead gets into the drinking water? As soon as it leaves the treatment plants, lead gets in there from lead pipes or solder in older homes with older plumbing by the process of corrosion.

Lead and copper standards via the EPA are 15 ppb and the highest contaminant level is yet another number. Scary thought!

Testing your water is important and you can always go to the water plant in your town and ask for a water report which they will give you a copy of. If the tests show that the level of lead in the drinking water is 15 ppb or higher, it is very important to take steps to reduce it especially if young children are in your home. Newer homes built after 1978 or so no longer used lead based paint.


If there are young children in the home

–replace old pipes and have the paint in your home tested if house was built before 1978.

– filter water preferably with distilling the water to get it all out.

– use bottled water distilled or reverse osmosis if the other isn’t available.

EPA states that about 40 million U.S. residents use water “that can contain lead in excess of 15 ppb”.

Despite replacing many lead pipe systems in thousands of home in parts of the US and spending millions of dollars, the lead levels are still higher than is safe as are the copper levels in the last 2 yrs.

Organic chemicals

EPA has issued standards for 53 organic compounds, including benzene, dioxin , PCBs, styrene, toluene, vinyl chloride and several pesticides.


EPA has standards for alpha particles, beta particles and photos emitters, radium and uranium.

Substances without federal standards

Many substances are being watched in the public water system, and the National Drinking Water Regulations are required certain water systems to measure/monitor for some of them.


Methyl-tert-butyl-ether is regulated by some states, like California and New York. It is a gasoline additive


Perchlorate is used in propellants and has been found in public drinking water of over 11 million people in 22 states at exceeding 4 parts per billion (ppb). When perchlorate concentrations rise above 4 ppb, perchlorate changes the way the thyroid gland functions such as the production of thyroid hormones by the body, hormones that ensure a healthy fetus and for normal metabolism. Pregnant women and small children are at highest risk

Agricultural fertilizers are also possible sources of contamination of drinking water by perchlorate.

Perchlorate is found in breast milk at significant levels, likely from drinking water and foods.

The EPA suggested that levels higher than 1 part per billion (ppb) pose a health risk. In contrast, the Defense Department stated that perchlorate at 200 ppb had no serious effects on humans.


Pharmaceutical substances

Many pharmaceutical substances are not regulated at all under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Many people flush there unused medications down the drain or down the toilets and that is a big part of the problems. Treatment plants can only filter our about 50% of this type of substance before the water is returned through your tap at home.best-water-distillers

Many have been found in tiny concentrations in the drinking water of several American cities negatively affecting at least 41 million Americans, according to the Associated Press published in March 2008. According to the AP report, no definitive information is known about the risks of exposure from years and years of pharmaceutical drugs in the drinking water.

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products is also being looked at more closely. This includes cosmetics, fragrances, vitamins and sunscreen products. Risks of Certain types of skin cancers increase with regular use of most sunscreens. Many toxic chemicals are used on faces across the globe mostly women than every before and the way they are made and what is in them is enough to label them all facial toxic soup instead of facial cream or makeup remover or foundation etc.

As far as a sunscreen- Using one with Titanium Dioxide and some essential oil in it is the best option which gets you away from all the toxic chemicals that are in almost every sunscreen product on the market. Become a label reader and you will be shocked. More than 4-5 ingredients in your personal care products or your food if not prepared at home from scratch is a sure warning sign you are getting something you don’t need or want. Remember, anything toxic to an Adult is even more toxic to a Child. Keep your munchkins safe and as toxin free as possible. The environment does a great job giving us parents a challenge due to excessive spreading of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This is just the beginning to the list of things that can get in your way to rearing healthy children and a healthy you.

Check out toxin-free skin deep product 

Check out my favorite sun screen for my children and myself here 



EPA released regulations for radon in 1991 and 1999. Their report in 2010 wasn’t finalized due to concerns about high costs for controlling radon.

Radon guidelines are in place in 9-10 states and more are being added to the list. Radon is in every state in the US but few states have regulations in place. There have been cases of pediatric lung cancer linked to radon exposure in homes without radon mitigation systems installed.

Difference between Reverse Osmosis Water and Distilled Water

Distillers remove these contaminants and so much more…

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • pesticides
  • lead
  • arsenic
  • nitrates
  • chlorine
  • salt
  • uranium
  • pharmaceuticals not removed by water treatment plants (source: Scientific American “Only Half of Drugs Removed by Sewage Treatment“)
  • Many, many More!
  • 99 % of fluoride-


Here is a great discussion about distilled and reverse osmosis water filtration – 



Reverse Osmosis filtered water removes a lot including most of the fluoride but doesn’t remove nearly what a distiller does.

Reverse Osmosis uses cross filtration rather than standard filtration.

In standard filtration, contaminants are trapped in the filter media, while in cross filtration the bad stuff is flushed out to avoid building up. This keeps your membrane clean.

Reverse Osmosis filtration is pretty good at taking out dissolved salts if you keep your filter new and change it when you are supposed – generally every 3-6 months. RO filtration doesn’t remove all bacteria and viruses as the water has no chlorine in it as this has been removed.

If you forget to change your RO filters, the old filter has pores in it and these pores in the membranes get large enough to let things through into your drinking water that can harm you and your children. That means less pure more contaminated water for drinking.

Best Water Distillers


Megahome water distiller

304 SS Condenser

A carbon filter included   Glass Bottle  $ 229 average price  one of my favorites. There are many to choose from. Important considerations is a glass collection container if possible or BPA free container at least, time to make 1 gallon of distilled water – goal is around 4-6 hrs and how many gallons it can make in a 12 hr period of time as you do have to sleep sooner or later. You could ask someone to take shifts for pouring tap water into the distiller while you sleep making more in a 24hr period of time. 🙂


Video from Aquanui distiller ( they also make them that make 5 or more gallons per day)

Here is a video explaining the counter top version

Here is a video explaining how to use a great stove top distiller without electricity


So now you are equipped with a lot of information about why the tap water may not be the way to stay healthy.

Distillation of water can be done by hand in a double pot on the stove which takes time and yields small amounts of water and is time-consuming.

Counter top water distillers are faster but still take about 4-6 hrs to make a gallon at a time. This is fine if you are single or have a small family.

If your budget is higher – The Aquanui distiller makes the most sense long term for larger families and you can check it out in the video above. They are truly amazing distillers.

On a budget I recommend the megahome distiller with a glass jar for water capture.


Thank you for visiting my site and I hope this information helps you and yours stay healthier and live longer feeling better.


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November 8, 2017

2 thoughts on “Distilled Water Benefits – Only the Best For Your Munchkins

  • What an insightful read! That is quite unsettling to hear about Cryptosporidium found in our water. Thinking of how it is resistant to chlorine makes my stomach twirl.
    It is also very unsettling to know that most water contains levels of 20 ppm arsenic in it – i can’t believe the fact about Nevada containing 500ppb – thats criminal.
    I am thinking of requesting a water report from my water plant, what would some of the steps be if i find that the levels of arsenic exceeds 15ppb?

    • Thank you I am glad you found this helpful. If you find elevated arsenic levels in your local water, I would suggest you consider a water distiller seriously. All you have to do to get a water report is go down to your local water company and request one, it should be free. Good luck with that and thank you. This is serious business and an educational journey to begin drinking and cooking with the best safest water. 

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